Total Cleanroom Solutions

Total Cleanroom Solutions

Total Cleanroom Solutions

Total Cleanroom Solutions






In addition of Validation and certification of the clean room and clean room equipments, We can also supply & Install the required spares, which in case found not performing as per standards.

QUALITY OF SERVICES: In addition to a hard copy of their certified test reports. The test reports can be issued electronically by email, floppy disk, or CD-ROM. The test reports for each service are also capable of being prepared in a CGMP Compliant documentation manner, so that they may be suitable for use as attachments to qualification and validation reports.

We have established comprehensive Test facilities confirming to following Latest international Standards

IES - RP - CC - OO2 (Institute of Environmental Science - Recommended Practice for Contamination Control) US - Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644 -1 -1999.

We have Latest test equipments to meet the above standards

Laser based Airborne Particle Counter, Make Met -ONE of Pacific Scientic Instruments , USA

DOP Aerosol Generator Make - Air Techniques International, USA

Aerosol Photometer Make - Air Techniques International, USA

Sound Level meter, Lux meter, Anemometer

It gives us great privilege to welcome you to avail our services-a unique of its kind and which would definitely reward you for using us. We would be happy to offer our suggestions to you and we are sure you will benefit immensely from us. We are committed to offer you our best quality in servicing your equipments and validations at a very competitive price and we will ensure to bring you state-of-art technology through our services to your ultimate satisfaction.

We assure you that we shall put in our best efforts to make your association with us valuable and rewarding. We thank you for the time spent in knowing us and sincerely look forward for an opportunity to serve you and get associated with your concern.