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Positive Pressure Modules
Positive Pressure Modules
Positive pressure modules are designed to provide a clean area within a small enclosure or cell. These pressure module adopts the same LAMINAR AIR FLOW principle.
Pre filters are fixed at the rear end of the unit and the blower assembly used in the system sucks the air & passes to the HEPA filter chamber where the air is filtered to the maximum level.
Dimensional Details
HEPA Filter size Media Ultra clean glass fiber paper - imported
Casing As per Specific Requirement
Particle retention 0.3 micron
Cleanliness CLASS 100
Overall CLASS 10000
Power supply 220 V. Single phase
The Basic cabinet is fabricated from pre treated industrial block board with exteriors covered by decorative laminated sheets & interiors coated with synthetic rubber paint. Alternatively, the total construction may be of CRCA sheet metal with suitable MS structures finished by epoxy paint or powder as per requirement.
Garment Storage Cabinets
Garment Storage Cabinets
Material of Constructions : Basic cabinet structure is made of; suitable thick, commercial ply panels both sides laminated with industrial laminated sheets.
PRE FILTERS made from high efficiency, non woven synthetic polyester fiber medium, both sides reinforced with fine HDPE mesh. Particle retention 10 to15 micron at 90% efficiency at rated velocity.
HEPA FILTERS made from micro-glass fiber medium of imported origin with fine aluminium corrugated foil separators. Collection efficiency will be not less than 99.97% for particle sizes of 0.3 micron & above. Pressure drop will be 23 mm WG.
Fume Exhaust Hoods
Fume Exhaust Hoods
Fume Exhaust Hoods
AIRTECH offers a wide range of FUME EXHAUST HODDS to suit every specific application of the user. The hood is fabricated from; water proof commercial quality ply & block boards externally covered with industrial laminated sheets and interiors coated with epoxy paint over a suitable primer base . The inner walls of the working chamber is covered with epoxy coated asbestos or FRP or HDPE lining or as required. The working table is made of acid proof glazed tiles and provided with gas/air petcocks and additional power points, diffused fluorescent tubes.
The front shutter is of shatter proof clear glass, framed in suitable wooden structure with vertically sliding facility and is connected with counter weight balancing arrangement.
The exhaust system consists of a dynamically balanced centrifugal impeller, made; of PVC/FRP, directly coupled with a TEFC industrial motor of 1440 RPM phase 415 and control led by a DOL starter with systems ranges from 500 CFM to 1250 CFM or above as it is proportional to the dimensions of the hood.
Clean air Fume exhaust hoods are provided with suitable ducting of FRP or PVC material with required diameter and length as per the site conditions.
Clean air Fume exhaust hoods are also available with full FRP construction or combination of FRP and Ply, With or without work bench. We also design and manufacture Scrubbers, Fume Extraction & Dust Collection Systems.
Dispensing / Sampling Booths
Powder Containment booths are used to control the hazardous emissions of powder dust during powder dispensing/sampling processes with out any risk to the operator and product as well protecting the environment. The down draught of HEPA filtered air prevents airborne dusts caused by handling operation away from the operator breathing zone. The air forced downwards is extracted at low level into the booth's filteration system, where dust particles are contained at three level of filteration prior to being circulated back in to the booths air stream.
Dispensing / Sampling Booths
Dispensing / Sampling Booths
Type Front Open
Direction of flow Vertical
Material of Construction S.S 304 / S.S 316 or CRCA Powder Coated
Cleanliness Class 100 as per US FED STD 209E
Particle Retention 0.3 micron & above
Noise Level 65 dB on On Scale 'A' ± 5
Velocity 90 FPM ± 20 %
Illumination Fluorescent tubes diffusers
Pressure Differential 0-25 mm inclined Manometers / Magnehelic Gauge
Power Supply 230 V single Phase , 50 Hz
Pre-Filters 10 - 15 micron rating, 3- Layers of HDPE mesh, 6mm Pressure Drop
Intermediate Filters 3 micron & above, two layers of HDPE woven mesh and one layer of Non-woven polyester Bondex Media, 9 mm Pressure Drop, Efficiency 97%
Supply HEPA Filters 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 micron rating
Exhaust HEPA Filters 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 micron rating
Blower Assembly Statically & Dynamically balanced DIDW type blower system
Special Features
Designed in accordance with WHO-GMP
3-Stage Filteration like Pre filter, Fine Filter, HEPA filter
Heavy duty Low noise motor blower assembly
Suitable to accommodate to floor & table balances
Softwall Clean rooms
Softwall Cleaning room

Also called clean air tent, these units serves the purpose of relatively a smaller clean room and are available in a ready to assemble configurations. These units can be moved from place to place & finds extensive applications in the areas of automatic filling stations & packing sections of a pharmaceutical industry, assembling sections in the electronic industries, post operative patient care in hospitals and many other places here the product safety and processing, demands a high level of cleanliness around and where the process activity does not emit any level of contaminants into the local atmosphere.

Clean air tents are generally used within a CLASS 10000 clean rooms, in which a specific  area  where
the manufacturing & processing activity is taking place. The entire ceiling is provided with HEPA filters and at least 600 air change per hour is maintained to provide an absolutely clean & CLASS 100 condition inside within minutes after the system is switched on. This type of clean air tents are fabricated in various sizes to accommodate the requirement of the site conditions.The complete structure is made of heavy duty ERW square tabular sections. The strong castors with brake, provided at the bottom enables the total unit to move from place to place. These types of work stations are useful for small volume filling of the vials and in convey or type filling sealing machines and in bottling & sealing of IV fluids etc., in the pharmaceutical industries and in the manufacturing of medical gloves & instruments etc.

Pass Box
Pass Box
Pass Box
Pass through box is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the clean room.
Enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to and from the room.
Unit acts as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room.
Standard features includes
  • Mechanical interlocking for the doors
  • Swing type doors with view panels
  • Door open indicator,
  • Optional UV lamp
  • Fluorescent tube light etc.
  • Available in Static & Dynamic versions
  • Available in Different sizes to suit customer requirement
  • Available in complete SS or MS with PU painted construction
Air Tents
Air Tents
Air Tents
work station also called Clean Air tent, these units serves the purpose of relatively a smaller clean room and are available in a ready to assemble configurations. These units van be moved from place to place & finds extensive applications in the areas of automatic filling stations & packing sections of a pharmaceutical industry.
The pre-fabricated Vertical Flow Laminar Air Modules are available in different sizes and in different materials of construction to suit wide range of industrial applications which demands very hygienic and clean environment for any specific process activity
Provides CLASS 100 clean air flow for any specific applications such as for production machinery, filling line, packing, sealing in pharmaceutical industry, micro-electronics, food processing, space application etc
Air tents, are using at hospitals and operation theatres mostly used in kidney transplantation, Orthopeadics operations.
Provided with or without strip / plain curtains - made of clear PVC flexible screen
  • Available in wide range of sizes to suit any application
  • Available in self standing or ceiling suspended types
  • Available in SS or MS with PU painted constructions
Inculation Hood
Inculation hood
Inculation hood
Worktable made of polished stainless steel or melamine laminated ply door made od clear acrylic and provided with see- through window
UV lamp
1 no, 30 watt
Fluorscent tube
1 no, 20 watt
Gas cock
Front door
clear acrylic - double folded type
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